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  • Chemistry Labs, '73 Wing
    Vagelos 3000

Critical Reading of Scientific Papers

Facilitator: Dr. Elizabeth Rhoades, Chemistry

This workshop is focused on strategies to critically read scientific articles and how TAs can help students' reading development. Join us for a discussion of fostering critical reading skills and actionable ways to implement these techniques in the classroom. All graduate students are welcome. This event grows out of concerns in the Chemistry department, and so may […]

  • Chemistry Labs, '73 Wing
    Vagelos 2000

Backwards Course Design: Design Courses “Backwards”

Facilitator: Dr. Andrew Zahrt, Assistant Professor, Chemistry

In this workshop, TAs will learn how to design their own courses using intended learning objectives. This student-centered approach will focus course design on students gaining desired skills and knowledge through measurable objectives. TAs will get the opportunity to design their own course with peers and receive feedback. All disciplines are welcome. Counts toward the […]