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Inclusive & Equitable Teaching

The diversity of students at Penn is a tremendous asset for teaching and learning, whether in the classroom, lab, or mentorship. Teaching inclusively, though, comes with challenges and the responsibility to create an environment in which all of our students can achieve to the best of their abilities.

Penn faculty, along with CETLI, are engaged in finding and deploying best practices in inclusive teaching. In workshops and one-on-one consultations, CETLI supports faculty and graduate students in reflecting on and adopting teaching practices inclusive of a diverse student body.

Teaching Practices & Course Design

Below are guides to thinking about inclusion and equity in teaching. CETLI's evidence-based strategies provide teaching practices that encourage inclusivity and equity, regardless of course content. The Racial Equity Course Review supports instructors in reflecting on their course content and how it may or may not contribute to racial equity. Links to research into inclusive teaching can also be found below.

Penn Faculty on What Inclusive Teaching Means to Them

In the video below, Penn faculty reflect on how they think about and teach inclusively.