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Giving students an explanation about what office hours are for and why they might come will encourage students to attend them and welcome students who might be anxious about talking with a professor.

Sample Language

Michael Gamer, ENGL101: "Jane Austen and Adaptation"

I am available immediately after class (MW and often F), 11-noon, in 336 FBH. You can also always find me Monday afternoons 2-5pm (and many other afternoons as well) in the Undergraduate Chair's office on the ground floor of Fisher-Bennett Hall. I also hold office hours in Harrison College House in the mezzanine area (just upstairs past the elevators) Monday evenings 7:30-9pm. My email is The phone number for the English Department is 215-898-7341.

S.M. Guerin, ARTH 101: "Art and Civilization before 1400"

I will be in my office to welcome you during these hours, and I am also available by appointment. If you have any questions or problems, it is important to see me as soon as possible so we can appropriately address the situation. I am also available via e-mail, but I do not respond on evenings and weekends. N.b. Many issues are much better dealt with in person and I encourage you to come discuss with me directly.