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Teaching Resources, Practices and Strategies

Here you can find information you will need as you prepare and teach your classes, links to offices around campus that can support your teaching or your students, suggestions around particular teaching practices and aims, and guidance on teaching in general.

Contact CETLI with further questions about available resources or for other information about teaching at Penn.

Teaching with Technology

A guide to commonly used instructional technologies available across Penn. CETLI supports instructors in considering why they might use technology, which tools might best fit their needs, and what ways they might best take advantage of what technology offers.

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Course Roster, Classroom & Calendar Info

Information on your class rosters, classrooms and the calendar for the semester.

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Course Evaluations

Guidance both for making sense of Penn's end-of-semester student evaluations and for collecting your own customized feedback from students at any point in the semester.

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Inclusive and Equitable Teaching

As instructors strive to create inclusive classrooms where all students feel welcome and can succeed equitably, considering research-based practices and approaches to course equity can help.

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Teaching Online

A guide to help faculty, instructors, and TAs prepare and teach a fully or mostly online class.

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Grants for Teaching

Penn grants available for instructors looking to enhance or develop courses

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Supporting Your Students

Students can have difficulties in the classroom as the result of academic or personal challenges as well as external circumstances. This site includes suggestions and links to resources to help instructors support students in meeting those challenges.

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Syllabus Language and Policies

Suggestions for policies and statements instructors may want to consider including on their syllabus and/or Canvas page. Includes sample ideas from Penn faculty.

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Penn Policies and Regulations

Links to some of the major policies governing teaching and instructor-student interactions.

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Academic Integrity

Information on Penn's academic integrity processes and suggestions on to how to teach in ways that encourage integrity, and what to do in cases of academic dishonesty.

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Structured Active In-Class Learning (SAIL)

Teaching a SAIL (Structured Active In-Class Learning) course enables instructors to have students, even in large classes, learn by doing, practicing thinking in the field. Highly structured active learning, SAIL provides students with the opportunity to participate in the process of learning and puzzling out problems with guidance from instructors and help from their peers.

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For New Faculty

Information and guidance for instructors new to Penn, to help you before you arrive and as you plan your courses and enter the classroom.

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