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Go to Courses@Penn. Then select “Course Evaluation Reports” in the lower lefthand tile.

Student course enrollments are loaded into the Penn Course Evaluations system for all courses selected by the Schools for evaluation. Students log in with their PennKey and will see a list of courses they need to evaluate. Students complete the evaluation for each section separately. Students are asked to evaluate their courses before they can see their grades and follow a series of steps:

  1. They are asked to answer a full course evaluation (about 20 questions that takes about 10 minutes).
  2. If a student opts out of those questions, they are asked if they will answer three questions.
  3. Finally students can opt out again and after the evaluation period ends they can see their grades but cannot go back and evaluate the course.

Students have the option to save and come back later to complete any given evaluation. Once an evaluation has been submitted, it will no longer be available to the student for changes.

Students receive an announcement via email to let them know once the course evaluations are available. If they do not complete the evaluation, they may receive one or more email reminders until the evaluation period ends. During the evaluation window (which typically lasts from the last week of the semester until the day after grades are due), students who have not evaluated their courses will be prompted to do so when they check their grades in Path@Penn.

Yes, but only after the evaluation period is over. When students who have not completed their course evaluations go online to check their grades through Path@Penn, they will be prompted to complete their evaluations. However, the evaluation system will have an “opt out” option for each course. Before viewing grades during the evaluation period, students must either complete their evaluations or opt out of their evaluations. All open evaluations must be completed before display of any grades. Once the evaluation period is over, students can see their grades without being prompted.

No. In order to preserve the integrity of the evaluation responses, evaluations must be completed within a reasonable period after completion of the course and before grades are available to students.

No. Instructors are not able to see reports on their course evaluations for a given semester until after the grade submission period is over for that semester