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Syllabus Language and Policies

Penn has no official set of statements that an instructor must include on their syllabus. The following is a list of policies and statements that instructors might consider. In some places, CETLI has linked out to samples from other instructors but for some things each instructor will have to create unique language.

Basic Information About the Course

  • Contact information for the instructor(s) and TA(s), including email, offices and their location.
  • Course description that explains the course's scope and purpose as well as the format of the course.
  • List of readings or other resources students may need.
  • List of learning goals: the content, skills and ways of thinking that students will learn and practice throughout the course.  
  • Percentage breakdown of how different assignments will contribute to the final grade.
  • Description of major assignments.

Additional Issues to Include

Instructors may be interested in addressing other issues in their syllabus as well. The links below outline some ideas for creating some syllabi that address specific concerns.