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CETLI helps prepare undergraduate Learning Assistants (LAs) and Teaching Assistants (TAs) for their teaching through orientations, training programs, and consultations.

Want to help lead SAS or SEAS orientation?

CETLI hires experienced and enthusiastic TAs and LAs for orientation every semester. If you are interested in serving as an orientation leader, please email Karen Legasse with a short description of your experience as a TA or LA and the name of the instructor for whom you are or have served as a TA or LA.

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Undergraduate Teaching Consultations

It is common for educators to experience challenges or have questions about teaching. When TAs and LAs need help or want to ask questions, CETLI staff can meet to discuss ideas and solutions. To set up a consultation, email CETLI.

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TA and LA Orientation

SAS requires LAs and SEAS requires undergraduate TAs to participate in CETLI's orientation program the first semester they are LAs or TAs. This program helps prepare participants to help their students thrive and to work professionally with their peers.

Some departments provide separate training for undergraduates. If you are not sure what you need to do to prepare to be a TA or LA, contact your school or department or email CETLI for more information.

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For SAIL TAs and LAs

Some TAs and LAs working in Structured Active In-class Learning classes are required to participate in a semester long SAIL TA training program to help them guide students through the active learning process and work effectively in groups.

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