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CETLI brings schools together to discuss issues central to online learning at Penn. Contact us if you’d like more information on any of these communities of practice.

Online Programs Working Groups

This group integrates the planning for the development, sustainability and expansion of digital education into the university’s regular planning and evaluation processes. They also coordinate budget and technology planning for online learning.


  • Megan Carr, Director of Digital Strategies, CETLI
  • Tamara King, Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs
  • Margaret Kip, University Registrar
  • Artemis Velahos Koch, Executive Director, Global Support Services
  • Stacey Lopez, Associate Vice President for Institutional Research & Analysis
  • Anita Mastroieni, Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Education 
  • Donna Milici, Executive Director for Client Services, ISC
  • Rob Nelson*, Executive Director for Academic Technology and Planning, Office of the Provost
  • Sharon Pepe, University Bursar
  • Jillian Powell, Director of Finance and Administration, Provost Administrative Affairs
  • Scott Schafer, University Privacy and Institutional Compliance Officer
  • Matt Sessa, Executive Director, Student Registration & Financial Services
  • Dennis Shinners, Privacy Officer, Student Health Service
  • Sharon Smith, Associate Vice Provost for University Life
  • Rebecca Stein*, Co-Executive Director, CETLI
  • Robert Terrell, Associate General Counsel
  • Drew Thomas, Senior Budget Analyst, Office of Budget Planning and Analysis
  • Michele Tuohy, Assistant University Registrar, Catalog & Curriculum
  • Elaine Varas, Senior University Director of Financial Aid

*Indicates co-chair

Composed of leaders from across campus, this group shares updates, resources, and best practices to support and expand digital education at Penn. Through collaboration, its members seek to align online learning efforts with institutional priorities and build the online learning knowledge base across campus. 


  • Nicole Auge, Director of Instructional Design and Educational Technology (School of Social Policy & Practice)
  • Jenavive Banes, Online Learning Support Specialist (Penn Libraries)
  • Molly Bonnard, Associate Director, Educational Technology and Learning Management (Penn Libraries)
  • Jackie Candido, Senior Director of Program Design & Delivery (School of Arts & Sciences)
  • Megan Carr, Director of Digital Strategies (CETLI)
  • Angelina Conti, Director of Digital Learning (School of Arts & Sciences) 
  • Christina Costanzo, Assistant Dean for Admissions & Academic Affairs (Penn Nursing)
  • Alana Eklins, Senior Associate Director and Portfolio Manager, Center for Professional Learning (Graduate School of Education)
  • Dylan Fenton, Director of Education and Technology (Penn Engineering Online)
  • Robert Fleming, Director of Online Innovation (Penn Design)
  • Erik Froelich, Senior Director, Innovation, Technology, and Design (Wharton Online)
  • Michael Golden, Executive Director, Catalyst @ Penn GSE (Graduate School of Education)
  • Kim Halscheid, Online Training Specialist, Innovation Center for Online Medical Education (Perelman School of Medicine)
  • Eric Hamberger, Managing Director (Wharton Online)
  • Cheryl Hardy, Director, Legal Education Programs (Penn Law)
  • Laura C. Hart, Director of Online Educational Initiatives (Perelman School of Medicine, Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy)
  • Zachary Herrmann, Executive Director, Center for Professional Learning (Graduate School of Education)
  • Jeff Johnson-Curry, Administrative Coordinator, Doctorate in Clinical Social Work Program (School of Social Policy and Practice)
  • Hagana Kim, Associate Director, Legal Education Programs (Penn Law)
  • Erin Marshall, Director, Instructional Design and Learning Technology (Penn Nursing)
  • Jenni Punt, Director of One Health Research Education (Penn Vet)
  • Kris Rabberman, Assistant Vice Dean & Director, Academic Affairs, Division of Professional and Liberal Education, SAS (School of Arts & Sciences)
  • Adam Roth-Saks, Administrative Director, Nonprofit Leadership Program; Finance Manager, Center for Social Impact Strategy (School of Social Policy and Practice)
  • Sherri Place, Director, Instructional Design and Content Strategy (Wharton Online)
  • Rebecca Stein, Co-Executive Director (CETLI)
  • May Truong, Director of Online Learning and Instructional Design (Penn Vet)
  • Karyn Tufarolo, Associate Director for Faculty Affairs and Diversity Coordinator (Penn Design)
  • Kathy Urban, Director, Undergraduate Programs (School of Arts & Sciences)
  • Chia-Wei Wu, Director of Learning Sciences and Technologies (Penn Dental)

One of the largest working groups, IDWG brings instructional design professionals together from across the university. Together they consider best practices; discuss emergent issues, opportunities and technologies; and continuously develop our capacity to support the production of online offerings that align with the University’s standards of excellence.

This group provides staff members involved in the finance and administration of online programs with a space to share resources, processes, and information to improve efficiency and operations across Penn’s twelve schools.


  • Nicole Auge, Director of Instructional Design and Educational Technology, School of Social Policy and Practice
  • Jessica Bolton, Associate Director of Finance & Accounting Operations, Wharton
  • Christopher Bristow, Executive Director Facilities & Finance, Penn Engineering
  • Lena Buford, Director of Finance, Annenberg School for Communication
  • Megan Carr*, Director of Digital Strategies, CETLI
  • Christopher Cataldo, Director of Finance, Weitzman School of Design
  • Stacy Clements, Associate Director, Professional, and Organizational Development, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Amy Collins*, Senior Director of Finance & Operations, Provost Administrative Affairs
  • Debra Lynn Duffy, Business Administrator, Penn Dental
  • Sam Frenkel, Assistant Director of Fiscal Operations, Graduate School of Education
  • Christine Gehman, Director of Financial Operations, School of Social Policy and Practice
  • Kimberley A Halscheid, Online Training Specialist, Perelman School of Medicine
  • Cheryl Hardy, Executive Director, Legal Education Programs, Penn Law
  • Rebecca Hayward, Executive Director, Penn Engineering Online
  • Michele Horgan, Associate Director, Perelman School of Medicine
  • Patricia Lindner, Senior Director of Finance, Annenberg School for Communication
  • Mary Ellen Lovejoy, Director of Financial Planning, Penn Vet
  • Simareesh Madan, Senior Financial Analyst, Penn Vet
  • Kimberly Peurifoy, Manager Finance and Administration, Penn Nursing
  • Jillian Powell, Director of Finance and Administration, Provost Administrative Affairs
  • Erika Rood, Assistant Director, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Ian Semmler, Associate Director of Fiscal Operations, Penn Law
  • Rebecca Stein, Co-Executive Director, Online Learning Initiative
  • Greg Tausz, Senior Director of Finance and Facility Management, Graduate School of Education
  • Marcy Weitz, Finance Director, Wharton
  • Keith Robert Wells, Senior Business Administrator, Penn Dental
  • Christine Williams, Business Manager, Weitzman School of Design

*Indicates co-chair.

This group provides structure for staff from across the university involved in marketing and communications to share knowledge and resources related to driving enrollment and branding for Penn’s online programs. Together they consider best practices; discuss emergent challenges and solutions; and share opportunities for professional development.


The Online Student Support Working Group brings together staff who support online students from across the university. Together they share best practices, identify challenges, and continuously develop capacity to support students enrolled in online degree programs. The group also connects to university resources so they can ensure a positive student experience at Penn.

Nourish and Knowledge

Nourish and Knowledge is an in-person lunch for online program partners. This initiative provides a space for peers to showcase their work, learn from one another, and foster a vibrant community across online program teams. Topics will vary but include strategies for community building, innovations in online student support, and program development and management. Nourish and Knowledge is held once per semester.

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Online Learning Faculty Advisory Committee

This committee provides a faculty perspective on important strategic decisions related to online learning. They meet every semester to review new policies, evaluate new programs and course proposals, and work to ensure that faculty from across the university are actively involved in steering Penn’s online ventures.  

  • Peter Decherney, Professor of English and Cinema Studies, Penn Arts & Sciences (Chair) 
  • Regina Austin, William A. Schnader Professor of Law, Penn Law 
  • Ryan Baker, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education 
  • Tom Daniels, Professor of City and Regional Planning, Weitzman School of Design 
  • Al Filreis, Kelly Professor of English, Penn Arts & Sciences 
  • Peter Frumkin, Mindy and Andrew Heyer Chair in Social Policy & Faculty Director, Center for Social Impact Strategy, Social Policy & Practice 
  • Zvi Gellis, Professor, School of Social Policy & Practice 
  • Martine Haas, Lauder Professor and Professor of Management, The Wharton School 
  • Uri Hangorsky, Clinical Professor of Periodontics, Penn Dental Medicine 
  • Jerry A. Jacobs, Professor of Sociology, Penn Arts & Sciences 
  • Sarah Kagan, Lucy Walker Honorary Term Professor of Gerontological Nursing, Penn Nursing 
  • Jessa Lingel, Associate Professor of Communication and Core Faculty in Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, Annenberg School for Communication 
  • Julia Lynch, Associate Professor, Penn Arts & Sciences 
  • Emma Meagher, Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology and Vice Dean & Chief Clinical Research Officer, Perelman School of Medicine 
  • Meghann Pierdon, Assistant Professor, Penn Vet 
  • Philip Rea, Professor of Biology, Rebecka and Arie Belldegrun Distinguished Director, Roy and Diana Vagelos Program in Life Sciences & Management, Penn Arts & Sciences 
  • Masao Sako, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Chair, Penn Arts & Sciences 
  • Frank Setzer, Assistant Professor of Endodontics, Penn Dental Medicine 
  • Carlo Siracusa, Associate Professor, Penn Vet 
  • Val B. Tannen, Professor of Computer and Information Science, Penn Engineering 
  • R. Polk Wagner, Professor of Law, Penn Law 
  • Patti Williams, Ira A. Lipman Associate Professor of Marketing; Vice Dean, Wharton Executive Education 
  • Jeffrey Winkler, Merriam Professor of Chemistry and Undergraduate Chair, Penn Arts & Sciences