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Experienced Penn TAs interested in helping to run CETLI’s annual TA Training for graduate students should apply through this form.  TA Trainers must be available 8:30 am-5 pm, during the week of Aug. 21-Aug. 25, 2023. Contact Ian Petrie with any questions. 

What courses have you assisted in or taught (at Penn and elsewhere)? What were your duties?

How has your teaching changed since you started?


Name and Email of two people at Penn who can serve as references for your teaching.

Please indicate any days in May 2022 when you would not be available to work with the training team developing workshops.

Please indicate the two workshops you would be most interested in leading.

Please provide a detailed description or outline of how you would conduct a one-hour interactive workshop on the topic that is your first choice. We know this lesson plan will change, but please explain how you are thinking about the workshop. This should let us see both your priorities with regard to the content and, as importantly, how you would allocate the time and build in interaction among participants.