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CETLI encourages anyone teaching at Penn — from senior faculty to new teaching assistants, from those who excel and may want to try new ideas to those looking to improve — to consult with our staff and consider being observed. Consultations and observations can focus on any aspects of interest to the instructor, from designing a course to leading a class, from specific questions to broad support for development. CETLI works with instructors to find what works for them in their teaching.

Consultations and observations are confidential and non-evaluative. To request a consultation, submit this form or email Bruce Lenthall.


CETLI staff will also observe faculty and other instructors teaching and provide feedback on their classes. Instructors can request that CETLI videorecord their classes so instructors can review them.

Classroom observations are designed to help instructors achieve their teaching goals and to encourage reflection. Observations typically begin with a consultation to discuss the class and objectives for the process. After the class, the instructor and CETLI observer meet to discuss what worked and what didn't in the class, focusing on the instructor's aims and questions.

Request an Observation

Any Penn faculty, instructor, graduate student or TA may consult with and be observed by CETLI. For more information, faculty and instructors may contact Bruce Lenthall; graduate students and TAs should go here.


Consultations may be brief or in depth and address any number of topics such as:

  • Designing a course
  • Running your classroom, from lectures to discussions to active learning
  • Assessing your students
  • Making sense of course evaluations
  • Student expectations

Request a Consultation

Student Input

For instructors who want to better understand student reactions to their teaching, CETLI can also collect student input, including running a confidential feedback session with students.  For more information, contact Bruce Lenthall.