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Course Roster, Classroom & Calendar Info

Instructors can find important information pertaining to their course rosters, classrooms, and Penn's academic calendar in a number of places. 

Courses@Penn for Enrollment and Grading

Instructors can see who is in their classes and enter final grades through the system Courses@Penn. This is also the system instructors use to send students Course Action Notices; students can also communicate around absences through the Course Action Notices. For instructors seeking to find class enrollments or submitting grades through Courses@Penn, Penn provides guidance.


Penn's Academic Calendar & Religious Holidays

The academic calendar includes not only the dates of instruction but also important deadlines for students to add, drop or withdraw from a course. The final exam schedule is set by the registrar during the semester. Grades are due three days after the last day of final exams in the spring and summer terms; in the fall, grades are due the first working day in January. Penn's policy on secular and religious holidays covers academic rules for instructors regarding religious holidays. The Chaplin's office maintains a list of the dates of holidays which affect significant numbers of students. Penn has a standard set of options for class meeting times.

Academic Calendar

Classroom Information

Instructors can use Penn’s class search tool to identify their classrooms and class meeting times. The classroom information section of the registrar's page provides information about central pool classrooms including the number of students the room will hold, the technology the room contains, and photos of the room's layout.

Class Search Tool