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CETLI leads teaching workshops and discussions upon request. For interested schools, departments, programs or other organizations at Penn, CETLI can provide graduate student workshops on a wide range of teaching topics including course design, classroom strategies, and professional development. 

To request a workshop, email CETLI.

Past Workshop Samples

General sessions:

  • Talking about Teaching on the Job Market
  • Developing your Teaching Philosophy
  • Teaching Strategies for International TAs
  • Student Stress and Teaching in Moments of Crisis
  • Building Community in Class
  • Course Design
  • Effective Lecturing
  • Effective Mentoring

Inclusive teaching:

  • Fundamentals of Inclusive and Equitable Teaching
  • Cultivating Student Belonging
  • Course Structures that Support All Students
  • Countering Bias in Our Classes
  • Racial Equity Course Review

Teaching and technology:

  • Online Teaching, introduction and advanced topics
  • Using Canvas to Promote Student Learning
  • Promoting Synchronous or Asynchronous Student Engagement