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Trans-Affirming Pedagogy

Facilitator: Davy Knittle, CETLI Graduate Fellow, English
Convener: Professor Jules Gill-Peterson, English and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies, University of Pittsburgh

This workshop invites conversation about how to support trans and gender non-conforming students, and how to design courses and material to address how racialized gender shapes life chances. We will focus on how to design trans-affirming syllabi and assignments in courses both primarily and secondarily concerned with feminist, queer, and trans studies. We’ll discuss how to introduce trans-affirming language in classes across the disciplines, and how to teach cisnormative content in a way that invites non-cisnormative discussion and inquiry. We will consider how to affirm students of all genders while focusing trans-affirming content on racialized gender as a system that unevenly affects all people. While this workshop is co-hosted by English, and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, our conversation will focus on trans-affirming interdisciplinary teaching. Graduate students and faculty from all disciplines and programs are welcome to attend!

This workshop counts toward the CETLI Teaching Certificate.

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Thursday, January 28, 2021

4:30 pm to 6:00 pm

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School of Arts & Sciences

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