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Partisanship in the Classroom

Facilitator: Abigail Dym, CETLI Graduate Fellow, Political Science
Convener: Professors Rogers Smith, Political Science and Sigal Ben-Porath, Education

Partisan and ideological differences come up in class in different ways. Sometimes they are related to the course content, and relevant to a discussion that highlights ideological differences among the students (and possibly the professor). Sometimes they are evident in students’ partisan apparel (MAGA hats for example), in side conversations, or in unexpected conflict about anything from climate to health or education policy. In this workshop, professors Sigal Ben-Porath and Rogers Smith will reflect on ways in which partisanship, and ideological conflict, come up in class, and suggest productive ways for instructors to respond.

All graduate students are welcome. This event grows out of concerns in the Political Science department and so may be most useful to students in related fields.

Counts toward the CETLI Teaching Certificate.

Registrations are closed for this event

Thursday, February 17, 2022

2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
2nd Floor Forum
PCPSE (Perelman Poli Sci and Econ)
133 South 36th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104 United States
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