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Integrating Active Learning into the General Biology Classroom

Facilitator: Drs. Doris Wagner and Nicholas Betley, Biology

Active learning brings about its own unique challenges and advantages. In this workshop we will hear from two professors, Dr. Doris Wagner and Dr. Nicholas Betley, who have taught one of the introductory biology courses for many years. Several years ago, they were both a part of overhauling the curriculum to include active learning strategies. […]

  • Goddard Labs

Teaching Lab Courses in STEM

Facilitator: Dr. Linda J. Robinson, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Biology

The laboratory course format found in many STEM disciplines presents its own unique challenges and opportunities. And so teaching these kinds of courses well may, at times, require a different set of skills and strategies. In this workshop we will hear from experienced lab manager, Dr. Linda J. Robinson, and will discuss these challenges, opportunities, […]