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Penn’s Online Course Supports High School Students Navigating the College Application Process


July 5, 2023 By Denise Fitzpatrick

For students, families and college counselors navigating the college application process can be intimidating. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision on affirmative action, it is especially important to ensure that resources and guidance in the college admissions process are accessible to all.

Penn Admissions, in partnership with Heights Philadelphia, recently launched Applying to College 101. This course is built to empower students, families and college counselors with knowledge needed to traverse the college admissions process. The course is open to the public, free and self-directed. Applying to College 101 offers videos, readings and activities covering how to find the right “fit”, how to make college affordable, and more. The resources provided by this program can be implemented in the application process for a student who intends on applying for an undergraduate degree at any four-year institution in the U.S.

The Online Learning Initiative (OLI) proudly assisted Penn Admissions and Heights Philadelphia over the course of this project. OLI’s infrastructure and experience creating MOOCs supported the university in building connections and creating accessible learning opportunities.

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